The effect of The First World War

The effect of The First World War

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Before the War

Kaiser had total control, military state.

Germany was strong and proud country

Germany was a power.

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End of the First World War

The condition for peace was that the Kaiser abdicate

The army and navy mutinied this was not crushed, there were strikes in Berlin.

The Social Democrats did not want to join the mutiny, but were afraid of a revolution so on the 9th Nov Ebert announced that the Kaiser had mutinied.

10th Nov Kaiser fled to Holland and the Weimar Republic was established.

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The Constitution

The people (everybody over 20) elected the president (every 7 years) and the reichstag.

The president selected the chancellor from the Reichsatg.

Article 48 said that the president could have total control in timesof emergency.

It was based on proportional representation which meant no one party could get majority and so coaltions were formed which were week.

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The treaty of Versailles

signed in 1919,

Germans thought that they would get easy terms because the Kaiser had gone, President Wilson was a fair man, they were not the only ones at fault.

The Weimar government had no choice but to sign it, but the german people thought they could have won the war but were stabbed in the back by weak politions.

they had no army support.

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Terms of the Treaty of Versailles

Guilt, germany had to accept the first world war was their fault.

Armed forces only 100,000 men in army, 6 battleships, no submarines, no air force, 15000 in navy, rhineland demilitarised.

Reparations Germany had to pay 6600 million for war

Germany lost Land ,the polish coridor, Alace and Lorraine, 13 per cent of their land.

League of nations was set up to try and settle issues by disscussions not war, Germany was not invited.

Extra points Not allowed allaiance with Austria,

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