The economy in Nazi Germany


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Reduce unemployment

become selfsufficient

rearm Germany

maintain standard of living for Germans

Ensure the currency was safe

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Plan of Schacht and later

Imports were limited, trade agreements were made with individual countries where raw materials were exchanged for German goods.

plan worked well but in 1935 Hitler wanted to rearm Germany quicker, Schacht said not possible lost favour and resigned in 1937, he ended up in a concentration camp.

Hermann Goering in charge, four year plan, main aim selfsuffieciency, in case of war. Increased production of raw materials needed for rearmement. these took precedent over farming. persuaded big buisnesses to produce synthetic raw materials, he reduced imports, tightened control on wages and prices, used forced labour if needed, built new industrial works.

though they invested billions in 1939 Germany still relied on imports for one third of its raw materials. so they put troops in Rhineland and Ruhr (control of German industry), made an anshluss with austria to make more raw materials available. later czechoslavkia and poland provided more raw materials and cheap labour.

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