The Earth in the Universe

The earth and space

What key words related to this subject?

Universe- Everything

Solar system- the sun and objects which orbit around it, planets and there moons, comets and aseroids.

Milky way- The galaxy in which the sun and planets including earth are located

Sun- The star nearest the earth

Crust- A rocky layer at the surface of the earth

Mantle- A thick layer of rock beneath the earth's crust, which extends about half way down to the earths center.

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Describe the rock cycle

- Weathering and erosion




- Burial

- Heat and pressure

- Magma

- Volcanic eruption

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What are the three types of rock?




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Describe the structure of the Earth

1. Inner core, made of iron & nickel. It is solid because it is under high pressure and very hot.

2. Outer core, made of iron & nickel . It is aliquid layer, hot temperature, lower pressure than inner core.

3. Mantle, made of hot rock called molten rocks called silicates, it is a liquid layer and it has a very high temperature.

4.Crust made up of rocks silicates which are solid lower temperature.

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