The Duchess Of Malfi / Paradise Lost


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Duchess Of Malfi

"wortheless fellow" , "I am Duchess of Malfi still" , hairy "on the inside"

"wild a tempest" , "I can be angered without this rapture"

"die then quickly!" , "I percieve death now" , "I'll make them my low footsteps"

"You have shook hands with Reputation and made him invisible"

"I want his head in business" , "I would rather have his head than his money"

"I am slain" , "only noise and folly can keep me of my right wit"

"I'll starve myself" , "you know already what man is" , "I will never marry-"

"only to make themselves of wealth and power" , "how greedily she eats them"

"We are man and wife" , "Tell him I will not come" , "Place yourself behind the arras"

"To your palace" , "do not ask then" , "observe the Duchess"

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Paradise Lost

"rose out of chaos" , "to set himself in glory above his peers" , "horrid crew"

"to have equalled the most High" , "who knew the force of those dire arms?"

"All is not lost" , "shook his throne" , "such place eternal Justice hath prepared"

"rolling in the fiery gulf" , "hurled headlong flaming from the etheral sky"

"consult how we may henceforth offend our enemy" , "awake, arise or be forever fallen"

"to be weak is miserable, doing or suffering" , "only to procure more woe"

"better to regin in hell than serve in heaven" , "a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven"

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