The different churches attitudes to abortion.

These are the different churches attitudes towards abortion. I have made these because I have a test tomorrow (help!) on religion and early life.

I really hope these will help you! x

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Roman Catholic Church

  • Abortion is always wrong
  • Life begins at conception (ensoulment occurs) therefore abortion is murder
  • The only exception to this is if double effect occurs
  • Unborn child is a sacred human life; it deserves the same respect as any other human being
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The Church of England

  • Abortion is an evil and should be avoided if possible, but can be justified in 3 circumstances:

1. Risk to mothers life or her mental and physical health

2. Baby likley to be deformed and mother feels she cannot cope

3. ****

  • They also allow abortion if double effect occurs.
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Orthodox Church and Evangelical

  • They both oppose abortion because they believe that God is the author of life.
  • It will only be allowed in very rare or very special cases (double effect)
  • Humans have no right to take life.
  • Human life begins at conception.
  • Abortion at any stage is murder.
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what is double effect?



Double effect is when the doctors are trying to save the mother's life, however saving her life means killing the foetus's......hope that helped x

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