The development of the periodic table

How the table was dvelloped 

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  • Contains all known elements.
  • Elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic number, number of protons.
  • Elements are arranged in groups (vertical columns) which contain elements with similar properties.
  • The periodic table today is a product of over 150 years of scientific work.
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John Dalton 1812-1814

  • First attempt to order elements
  • Problems - at his time -few were known by scientists
  • Some of his elements were in fact compound.
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John Newlands 1863

  • More elements had been found
  • Proposed the law of octaves
  • Every 8th element had similar properties and was placed in the same group
  • Problems - sometimes more than one element for each space, move elements around to force fit them into his system.
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Dimitri Mendeleyev (1869)

  • g-d father of modern periodic table
  • Reshuffled Newlands work to order elements in increasing atomic mass
  • Created new groups still with similar properties
  • Left groups for elements that had not yet been discovered - gave detailed predictions about their chemical properties
  • Problems - elements arranged in order of atomic mass not atomic number.
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Modern periodic table

  • Elements are ordered in ascending atomic number
  • No gaps
  • Noble gasses
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