The Design Argument

These cards argue over the existence of God and how exactly did the big bang happen what caused it?

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Is God real

The design argument is an argument that argues the fact everything must have a cause. Because the 'big bang' theory states that everything must have a cause to everything it must have something to cause it's momentum.

Think when you set up dominoes they don't fall down on their own they need something to push them over they to be given some momentum to fall. This can be compared to the universe how did it happen.

But even if the 'big bang' theory is true, what caused the big bang? If everything needs a cause who caused that? God maybe caused it maybe he is the overall causer. He was never caused he was always there.

Was he the one who caused the matter and anti- matter to come together and cause the 'big bang?' Thats for you to decide!!

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