The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - Ed and Judy's Relationship

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Ed - Emotions

In the curious incident, we can see that Ed Boone must keep all of these feelings locked inside of him about Christopher because he has noone to go to. We can the see these outbursts of extreme emotions.

Usable quotes:

Page 63+64: ED you are not to go asking Mrs Shears about who killed that bloody dog ... that bloody dog ... bloody dog.'

Page 102: ED Holy ******* Jesus, Christopher. How stupid are you?

Page 143: I could hear that [Ed] was crying.

This outburst of swearing and crying show extreme mixed emotions throughout the book showing Ed finding it hard to deal with Christopher.

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Judy -Emotions

In this book, when Christopher is reading the letters from his mum, we see she also has strong outbursts of locked up emotion.

Page 134: So I got cross ... I got so cross ... I just cried and cried and cried ... I said I couldn't take it anymore.

In just one page and situation we see that clearly she too has had t lock up emotions and only now are they all spilling out.

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Ed and Judy Emotion Comparison

Because we can see that both parents have locked up issues, it was inevitable that they would soon break down and that is why they split up. However once they did we see that iit turned worse for Christopher because Ed didn't take his emotions out on Judy but on Christopher.

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Ed - Dedication

In the book we see that Ed is very dedicated to the requirements of Christopher as he does what needs to be done. 


Page 83: Rhodri was there. Rhodri is the man who works for father.

In this quote we have the only known friend of Ed Boone showing us that he gave up his social life for Christopher. We also see dedication because this man could easily not be his friend as Christopher says he justs works for father and could be there to talk about work.

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Judy - Dedication

In the book we see that Judy cannot meet the requirements for Christopher because she is a person who needs to have a social life.


Page 134: Mr Land was really nice about it.

Page 233: I heard voices of people walking along the street.

In this we can see that that specific part is something she remembers from her experience showing us her attempts to cling on the social aspect of life. Also we infer that she ran away with Mr Shears because he could offer her a new life with a social aspect as we can see as she arrives late at 11:32 using her social alllowance, which is something she could not do with Christopher.

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Ed and Judy Dedication Comparison

Through their dedication we can see that Ed would be the one to stay with Christopher and Judy would have repelled that life because she wanted to be more social.

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Judy's Letters

In the book we see that the letters from Judy have been put in a shoe box. This can show us that that is what Ed has done to Judy, he has locked her up and put her a way tryign to forget her.

Page 117: An old cardboard box that is called a shirt box.

There is also the significance of being in a shoe box because usually shoes are something you will forget about out of sight so that was what Ed was trying to do, put her away. Then later on, he would come back and open up the box, the memory and pass it on to Christopher.

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Ed's Protectiveness

Throughout the book we see that Ed is very protective of Christopher as we see when he runs off to his mum and he really tries to fight to get him back.

Page 240-241: I cooked his meals. I cleaned his clothes. I looked after him every weekend. I looked after him when he was ill. I took him to the doctor. I worried myself sick every time he wandered off somewhere at night. I went to school every time he got into a fight. And you? What? You wrote some ******* letters.

This speech really shows how protective he is of Christopher and won't let him out of his sight. This shows us the relationship could never work because Ed never trusted Judy.

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