The cosmological argument

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The Cosmological Argument Rejects Infinite Regress


Infinite regress is impossible. The chain of moevemnts or changes can not go back to infinity because there would be no first mover and consequently no other movers. It is not possible to go into infinity with efficient causes, there must be a first efficient cause which we call God. There must be a being that is uncaused and eternal.


Infinity cannot be increased as it already contains everything. So in an infinite universe there could never be a past, present or future event. But the past, present and future do exist. Therefore the universe cannot be infinite. History is successive addition to what has already been therefore cannot be actually infinite.

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Arguments which support the possibility of infinit

Bertrand Russel.

The universe does not have to have a begining. It could always have been there and that was brute fact. "I should say that the universe, is just there, and thats all" There may be no reason for the existence of the universe, it has always existed and that is a brute fact that has to be accepted. Just because humans have a mother it does not mean that the universe had to have a mother.

Steady State Theory

There is no begning or end to the universe, the universe has always been there and that its appearance does not change with time. The old stars are mixed in with the new ones. So although the universe is expanding i.e. its galaxies are moving apart, the theory states new galaxies have to be created to fill in the gaps left by old galaxies. The continuos creation of new particles of matter is at a rate that is automatically adjusted by the cosmological expansion.

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