The Convergence of the Twain

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- Sinking of the Titanic

- Each stanza a single sentence describing one image

- Ryhming triplets

- personification of fate shows that everything happens for a reason

'Convergence of the Twain'

- titanic and iceberg coming together - ship is a body

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1st Stanza

'In a solitude of sea deep from human vanity'

- destroyed by pride and now lies away far from it

- image of the wreck under water

'And the Pride of Life that planned her, stilly couches she'

- 'Pride of Life' John 2:16 claimed it was unsinkable = overpoud and confident

'stilly couches she' 

- female personification of ship

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2nd Stanza

'late the pyres'

- bodies burnt on pyres

'salamandrine fires'

- salamanders can go through fire = metaphor for remains

'cold currents thrid'

- sea water runs through the wreck creates music = metaphor

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3rd Stanza

'to glass the opulent'

- 'opulent' beautiful and ornate

- the mirrors are reflecting the wealth of the passengers

'the sea worms crawls'

- juxtaposition creates contrast 

- reference to death and fall of man

'grotesque, slimed, dumb'

- image of revoltion

- nature doesn't care about the importance of titanic = represents death and tragedy as indifferent

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4th Stanza

'Jewels in joy designed'

- imagery of chandlier

'lie lightless'

- assonance and alliteration create echo affect which makes it feel lifeless

'bleared and black and blind'

- contrasts chandlier

- sense of loss through alliteration and triad

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5th Stanza

'Dim moon-eyed fishes near'

- imagery creates idea of intrigued fish wondering what it is 

- incogrous = out of place

'gaze at gilded gear'

- alliteration

- working parts remain

'and query: what does this vaingloriousness down here?'

- direct speech

- nature commenting on variety of man

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6th Stanza

'this creature of cleaving wing'

- suggests ship is a bird (on sea) as it forges path through the waves'

- 'cleaving wing' = seperate = boat beginning to break

'the Immanent Will'

- thing that runs all things

- fate/God

- will that is in all things

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7th Stanza

'prepared a sinister mate for her'

- ship is like a bride being prepared for a wedding (maiden voyage)

- 'sinister mate' juxtaposition 

- lover and ship brought together by fate 

- nature created the iceberg while man created this machine

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8th Stanza

'as the smart ship grew in stature, grace and hue'

- contrast as iceberg grows natrually while ship was being built

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9th Stanza

'alien they seemd to be'

- no one could imagine them being connected

- too different from eachother

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10th Stanza

'by paths coincident'

- going to coincide

'twin halves of one august event'

- fated together

- form one whole 

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11th Stanza

'Spinner of the Years'

- The Three Graces = spin thread of life only to cut it when you die


- exclamation and imperative = fate

- direct speech

'consummation comes, and jars two hemispheres

- lovers are now joined together

- shock the world news

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