The consolidation of power

reraining political power

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The outbreak of the Civil war - 1918

  • Lenin had major problems - was still at war with Germany and Austria-Hungary, and occupying forces of western Russia
  • The Germans were only 100 miles from Petrograd
  • peasants had seized lands across the country
  • industrial production had slumped and unemployment and inflation was rising  
  • They had no mass support over the country
  • Lenin was too vulnerable to cancel the elections at the end of 1917
  • this election showed that the Bolsheviks were unpopular and only had the support of a quarter of the Russian electorate
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Forming a governmnent

  • No experience of governing and administration
  • Government officials and employees went on strike
  • The state bank refused to releases any funds to the new government
  • Lenin aimed to create a government free from the control of the all Russian soviet
  • 3 decrees the soviets passed
    • Land - confiscated all private land and put it in the hands of peasants
    • Peace - took imediate steps to end the war with Germany and Austria Hungary
    • Government - set up the organisation of the new government


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Ending the war

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