The consequences of America choosing Isolationism

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  • Before there was a free market(Anyone able to buy and sell anything), Isolationism brought with it 'protectionist policies' this protected businessmen in America.
  • Taxes lowered for businessmen
  • Government had policy called Laissez-Faire which means they didn't get involved
  • Started tariff policy, raised amount of money other contries had to pay to sell their goods in America
  • First tariff called Fordney-McCumber Tariff. Raised 32 times in 1 year
  • Next was Hawley-Smoot

It meant that when they needed to they couldn't sell produce to other countries because the other countries also raised high tariffs.

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  • Before Isolationism, the USA had an open door policy, resultingly had ver 100 different nationalities.
  • Isolationism divided society as it created tension and groups against immigrants such as the KKK.
  • Immigrants were blamed for America's problems.
  • During the Red Scare people were deported if they were thought to be communist.
  • Italiens lived in ghettos. Increased unemployment and crime. People turned against them. This divided society.
  • Sacco and Vanzetti were 2 Italian immigrants that were executed with no proof of them committing any crime.
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  • Government changed to republican.
  • Woodrow Wilson was 'fascinated with distant nations'. He has a stroke on election day.
  • Warren Harding said the oppostie, which is why he won 

His ideas were as follows:

  • Laissez-Faire
  • Inward looking
  • Ignore the problems of the world
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