The colonel gives his pep talk- Act 3

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  • Nervousness apparent is his pacing
  • Anxious look at his watch-> indicates the importance of time
  • Hoped for a change of plans when talks to the colonel
  • Bitter comments
  • The reason given for the last pace of events sounds feeble to S
  • Unhappy with his commanding officers' decisions
  • Resigns himself to events
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The colonel

  • Insistence that he can't disobey orders
  • His attempts at encouragement sound weak
  • Feels uncomfortable about the situation-> stage directions indicate him lingering
  • Offer of a Military Cross to O and R-> received with murmured thanks
  • Last encouraging words that their actions could win the war-> forgotten when he reminds them to empty their pockets
  • Means that they might be taken prisoner+ should remove anything that might of use to the enemy
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The situation

  • Difficult circumstances
  • Given the red rags which the enemy has placed along the wire
  • Suggest men's deaths
  • Highly charged moment
  • Before O+ R are to undertake the ill-fated raid in which O is killed
  • R is brutally introduced to the realities of war
  • Conflict+ tension between S+ his superior officer
  • Due to the different attitudes to the knowledge they share about the extreme dangers of the imminent raid
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Stage directions

  • Frequent uneasy pauses
  • S's persistent questioning of the Colonel
  • Colonel's frustration at S's legitimate disquiet+ his own powerlessness to challenge orders from above
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Again, very useful, but capitalisation is causing the flow of the resource to stutter; in other words it's hard to follow. But I really like the detail you've put in - well done

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