The Cold War

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The Yalta Conference

In February 1945 Stalin, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin D.Roosevelt met at Yalta. They are agreed the principles of a peace settlement.

  • Germany was to be divided into 4 zones.
  • Berlin as a capital of Germany, lay in the Soviet Zone, it, too was to be divided into 4 Allied sectors.
  • Germany should pay reparation.
  • The countries would would be allowed to choose their goverment in free elections.
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The Postdam Conference

In July 1945 the Allied leaders met again at Postdam. This time Germany had been defeated, and relations between West and East had cooled.

They sorted out the details of what they had agreed at Yalta. They set the boundaries of the four zones of Germany and agreed on how the zones would be governed.

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The Truman Doctrine

In March 1947 President Truman declared in a speech that the USA would help any nation threatened by communism. United States Congress announced that it was giving $400 million of aid to Greece and Turkey. This money helped the Greek goverment defeat the communists.

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The Marshall Plan

In June 1947 Marshall came up with the Marshall Plan, which put Truman Doctrine in action. The aim of the Marshall Plan was to help Europe recover economically as quickly as possible. A strong Europe would be better able to resist communism.

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