the cold war

the cold war USA USSR

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Tehran conference 1943

america : Roosvelt  britain: Churchill  russia: Stalin

  • agreed that Stalin should have a sphere of influence in eastern europe
  • agreed that america and britain should have a sphere of influence in western europe








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yalta conference 1945

america : roosvelt  britain : churchill  russia : stalin

  • stalin agreed : russian troops to healp america defeat japan after hitler was defeated
  • roosvelt & churchill agreed : to establishment communist goverment in poland
  • declaration on liberated europe america and britain to work for democoracy in europe
  • establish united nations organisation commited to keeping world peace








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potsdam conference 1945

britain : attlee  america : trueman  russia : stalin

  • agreed to ban nazi party prosecute surving nazi war criminals
  • agreed to devide germany and berlin in to 4 zones
  • reestablish democracy in germany including free elections free press and freedom of speech
  • germany have to pay reperations to allies in equiptment and materials











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