The Cognitive Interview

A card on the four components that make up the cognitive interview. And what is wrong with the CI?

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Four components of the cognitive interview

  • Report everything:- the interviewer encourages the reporting of evry single detail of the event.
  • Mental reinstatement of the original context:- the interviewer encourages the interviewee to mentally recreate the environment and context from the incident.
  • Changing the order:- the interviewer may try alternative ways through the timeline of the incident.
  • Changing the perspective:- the interviewee is asked to recall the incident from mutiple perspectives.
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What is wrong with CI?

  • It takesup a lot of time and effort from the interviewers point of view. 
  • There are many forms of the CI so it might be hard to evaluate.
  • It takes up time and money to train interviewers up for the CI.
  • Some forms of CI works better for some than others-this means there will not always be accurate recall of events.
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