The Church in England on the eve of the reformation

Henry VIII 1529

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Strengths of the Church

Strengths of the Church

  • Liturgical year
    • Saints days
    • organising the life of the people
  • Ability to preach to the community at large
    • Much more visual than Henry.
  • 30 positions in the House of Lords
  • Monasteries centred in the middle of the town
  • In 1541 and 1521 only 4% of parishes in Lancashire complained.
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Weaknesses of the Church

    • Pluralism
    • Simony
    • Mortuary Fees
    • Corruption
    • Nepotism
    • Immoral behaviour
    • Purgatory - Had no spiritual basis, seems as if it is an exploitation of the belief's of people. Reliance of £. (If the Pope had the ability to remove them, then he wold w/out the need for money)
    • Indulgences
    • Involvement in the secular world
    • Superstition and supernatural interperetations of doctrine (Pagan rituals)
      • Transubstantiation
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Who were the critics?

Who were the critics?

  • Lollards - More prominent before the reformation
    • John Wycliffe
  • Humanists
    • Thomas More 
  • Lutherans
    • Martin Luther
  • The White Horse Tavern Club
    • Lutherean Group 
    • Included Cromwell
    • A lot went to become Arhbishops
    • (Stephen Gardiner also included although he was a Conservatist)
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How genuine was the threat to Catholicism ?

How genuine was the threat to Catholicism ?

  • Although there were issues, people still believed in the importane of the church
  • They devoted time and money (wills)
  • Perhaps not for religious reasons
  • Nonetheless involves

A.G.Dickens - "An Atmosphere little chort of explosive"

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