The challenge of modern science to the cosmological argument

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The challenge of modern science to the cosmologica

The steady state theory

  • Rejects the idea of a begining to the universe
  • Provides a scientific explanation that would undermine the cosmological argument as it denies a begining of the universe
  • Recently scientists accepted the theory that energy cannot be created therefore the universe will always weigh the same and the energy within the universe will be redistributed.
  • Acceptance of the uniformity of the universe led to the theory that it should much the same not only from the same place but also at any point in time
  • Supports the isea of an eternal, contninuous creation of the universe.
  • Goes against the creation account found in Genesis, it could be considered evidence of God's sustaining power in the universe.
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The challenge of modern science to the cosmologica

The Big Bang Theory

  • Considered to have occurred when a single, extremely condensed state of matter exploded
  • The universe was formed from the gases created by the explosion
  • Scientists who accept the Big Bang Theory regard it as the moment that time began
  • Provides an explanation for the existence of the universe without reference to God
  • Universe could have been caused by a random chace event with no planned cause
  • Scientists can not explain the cause of the Big Bang, for many God is as good an explanation as anything 

Newtons first law of motion

  • 3 laws of motion to explain how things move or dont move
  • States an object at rest will state at rest
  • An object in motion will stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force
  • Disporves Aquinas' argument that nothing moves itself
  • Proves that bodies can move themselves without an external influence
  • Aquinas did not only mean movement from place to place but also movement as in change
  • Anthony Kenny accepts the Big Bang Theory, so must accept that there is a begining to the universe which requires a cause
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