The causes of the English Civil war

The causes of the english civil war

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The causes of the English Civil war

Charles I believed in the divine right of the kings and because Charles wanted to take full control of the country it made him very unpopular with people and members of parliament.

Charles married a Catholic princess and many people thought that Charles was a secret Catholic and that he was trying to bring Catholicism back.

Charles decided that he needed more money so he made a new tax called ship tax without parliament's permission and then Charles needed an army to go to war with the Scots so he introduced another new tax with parliament's permission.

The archbishop of Canterbury and Charles decided that churches should be decorated like Catholic churches and new prayer book was introduced. Puritans thought Charles was trying to make the church Catholic again.

The Scots became angry with Charles because they forced to read the English prayer book and the Scots were mainly Puritan and they hated Catholics.

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Charles closed parliament for 10 years and ruled without them. 

Parliament didn't trust Charles' main advisor and they didn't really agree with the way bishops were running things.

Charles arrested 5 M.Ps he didn't trust.

The Irish rebellion was the first event in attempt to make England Catholic again.

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