The Cause Of World War I

The causes of world war one.

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The Treaty Of Versailles

Germany were blamed for the start of the War and they resented this.

  • The German Government were forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles which ended the war.
  • All of the other governments had agreed to this.
  • The soldiers fighting in the war wanted to go home, but were too scared to argue.

 Punishments were made such as:

  • Germanies miliatary strenght was destroyed, so they weren't a threat to surrounding countries.
  • Their colonies were given to allies.
  • Austria and Germany were broken up.
  • Germany were made to pay huge amounts of money for war damage.

I think this was a far too harsh punishment purely because the whole war wasnt completely Germanys fault, and other countries should of contributed to these payments.

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The causes of world war I

  • 4 years of war at huge expense.
  • 27 nations attended conference, including Lloyd George (British), Clemenceau (french) and Wilson (American).
  • The French wanted revenge, Wilson only wanted punishment but not revenge, Lloyd George had ideas favouring Germany.
  • Ebert- New German President.
  • Communist leaders were gathered up and some were killed.
  • Germany lost land from the East, North and West.
  • They were forbiden to have soldiers in the Rhinelands.
  • Their army was cut and land was taken away.
  • Summer 1919, German leaders agreed to sign the Treaty.
  • Communists tried and failed in destroying the german government.
  • Nationlists still believed they won the war, and blamed the government for signing the armistice and treaty.
  • In 1921, allies still discussing how much Germany should pay.
  • France taxed heavily to repair their country.
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