The Butler Model

For tourism, there are stages an area will go through, which are outlined in the Butler Model.

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Easy way to remember the stages:

Everyone= Exploration

In= Involvement

Devon= Development

Can= Consolidation

Sing,= Stagnation

Dance or= Decline or

Rap= Rejuvenation

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Small numbers of tourists are attracted to a place, which is not a tourist resort.

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The local people start to see the potential for an area for tourists to visit, so start to provide small scale servics, such as family run B&Bs.

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Large MNCs build massive complexes. They often bring with them lots of advertising, and therefore tourists. They provide many jobs, both in production and running the hotels, however, in some LEDCs, large quantities of the profits go back to the MEDC the company originates in.

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Tourism has become a major part of life in the area, with the majority of workers involved. It provides large amounts of money, and helps the economy.

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Visitor numbers have reached a peak. Large numbers of tourists have left the environment to be spoilt, the resort has become less fashionable, or has become too commercial for many tourists. At this point, a resort can go one of two ways; decline, or rejuvenation.

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Visitor numbers continue to fall, and nothing is done about it. Tourists move onto new, more exciting destinations, which are generally unspoilt, and may be cheaper. The people who visit these areas are generally lower class, which gives the impression they are 'common', therefore the higher classes go to other places.

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Investements are made, and new attractions and facilities draw visitors back in. This is often aided by advertising. New visitors come, allowing the resort to pick up again. 

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