The British constitution as an issue

The Constitution has become an important issue in recent years. Since about 1970 many different groups have suggested that the constitution should be both changed and written down clearly. There are many reasons for this.

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  • a growing dislike of UK methods of election, which many saw as 'unfair'
  • the fact that no part since WW2 has had a majority of the electorate vote for it
  • growing demands by people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for less control from London
  • a growing dislike of the role and influence of the unelected monarchy and the unelected H
  • House of Lords
  • the changes membership of the EU brought by to the UK system of government
  • a growing concern that individual liberty was being reduced and the governmenet was growing too powerful
  • a genuine wish to have a clear, simple and written constitution that everyone knew and understood 
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