the body parts ans sexual organs


the body


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the male and femail repoductive organs.


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sun light energy from the sun

carbon dioxide fro the air               potosynthisis          oxegen relesses into the air

water from the soil                                                           glucose food for the plant


photosynthisis (ph) gets faster the more light or more carbon dioxide there is. Plant make there own food in a proses called ph. PH takes place in the leafs or food factories. To make ther food they need to have the things above on the leftif a leaf is dead then it can not photosynthisize or produse oxegen and glucose.

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variation are the diffrences that occur both bettween diffrent specise and within the same speciseare called variation.the variations bettween things that are nateral is that you could be born ith brown haire but dye it blond witch is a example of enviromental variation. You can also get inheritence variation like what you get from you parents such as you hair and eye colour.for instance in the simpsons family they are all yellow and they are all smiling ans ether have spikey hair no hair or lots of hair.

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