The Bloody Chamber- The Snow Child

The Snow Child Quotes

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The Bloody Chamber- The Snow Child

‘I wish I had a girl as white as snow, as red as blood and as black as that birds feather’-  The count wishes the girl into existence from what he has seen. His desire is a mixture of coldness, bloodthirstiness and fatality. As soon as the count has completed his wish she stands before him completely naked and the Countess hates her. 

‘The Countess through her diamond brooch through the ice of a frozen pond’- The Countess’s envious attempts to abandon the girl, and then drown her are thwarted by the Count. Each time she attempts to kill the child, she loses an item of clothing. And eventually the Countess is only left with the Counts pity.

‘Pick me one’- They have come to a bush of rose’s fully in bloom and the Count can’t deny his wife this. This is the typical deception that was practised by the step-mother and witch in ‘Snow White’, a seemingly harmless gesture or an act of kindness concealing murderess intent.

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The Bloody Chamber- The Snow Child

‘The Count got of his horse, unfastened his breeches and thrust his vile member into the dead girl’- The Count fails to protect his child from the jealously the Countess and the girl dies bleeding and screaming.  The Countess is reduced to the role of spectator for a while. Carter suggests that women know men would rather indulge themselves with dead fantasies than except women as they really are.   

‘It bites’- The ending is fairly uncertain (ambiguous) has the Countess been hurt by the rose thorn herself, or because she is aware that it ‘bites’ drops the rose before it can hurt her like the child.

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