The Black Death

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Symptoms of the Black Death were:

  • High tempature
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Lumps in the armpit or groin
  • These lumps went black and spread all over the body
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  • In 1348 the Black Death reached England.
  • People didn't understand the cause.
  • Both supernatural and natural expanations.
  • Some people said God sent it as punishment.
  • Others said planets or foul air.
  • Some groups said Jews or nobility were caused it.
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Treaments for the Black Death were:

  • There were no treaments or cures
  • People relied on prayers or magical cures
  • Some attempts included strong-smelling posies as a precaution against foul air
  • They also ate cool things, cut open the buboes and draining the puss, lighing a fire in the room, tidying the rubbish from the streets and not letting people from other towns enter theres
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Impact of the Black Death:

  • Between one-third to a half of the population died
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