The Berlin wall.

Revsion cards about the Berlin wall.

The Berlin wall.

•Berlin was split between east (USSR) and the west (USA,Britian,France).
•The wall was built in 1961.
•The wall was built to stop people from east Germany going in to west Germany this was because young skilled workers were fleeing into west Germany this was because the east was communist and therefore you had less money.
•2.7 million skilled workers left east Germany before the wall was built.
•On the eastern side there was a piece of land called the Death ***** to stop people climbing the wall and escaping.
•The east German government built the wall.   

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Key points of the Berlin crisis.

•Khrushchev told the US to withdraw there troops twice once in 1958 and again in 1961 the US did not withdraw
•Neither side would back down
•Summits failed to reach an agreement
•The wall was built in 1961
•2.7 million skilled workers went to west Berlin

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