The Beginnings of Divergence Between the FRG and GDR

Economic Success & Political Stability

The FRG witnessed what became widely known as the 'economic miracle'. It was run on 'social market' economic principles and the results were envied by many other Western states. It became a founding member of the EEC.

The GDR was generally seen as the most successful socialist state in the Eastern bloc. By the late 1960's it had higher standards of living than any other neighbouring socialist states. By 1964, the USSR claimed that the GDR was one of the strongest states in the whole of Europe. It became a member of the Eastern bloc Comecon.

The FRG developed into a very successful, well-functioning democracy, which is not what many would have predicted when it was formed in 1949.

An uprising in June 1953 was successfully repressed by the GDR government with the support from the USSR.

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