The Arguement From Design and Belief In God

the arquement from design and belief in God explained...

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The Arguement From Design and Belief In God

Religious believes and some scientists believe the universe has been designed.

Arguement of design:

  • anything that has been designed needs a designer (Paley's watch)
  • evidence that the world has been designed - laws of science (gravity), DNA being a blueprng for life etc.
  • if the world has been designed, they world must have a designer, the only possible designer of the universe would be God (He is omnipotent)
  • the appearence of deisgn in the world proves that God exists

This arguement supports belief in God and may lead those who are agnostic or athiest to believe in God.

Proves God's existence: evidence, only God could design something as wonderful as the universe

 Disproves God's existence: no designer would have created things like volcanoes and earthquakes - things that cause suffering and destroy the earth, it only proves that the universe has a designer, not that God is the designer

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