The appropriateness of behavioural therapy- ERP

where ERP is appropraite and innapropriate

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The appropriateness of behavioural therapy- ERP

ERP is appropriate because therapy focuses directly on the rituals.    Response Prevention demonstrates to patients that there are no adverse consequences occur if they fail to perform their rituals.    ERP demonstrates to patients that is is possible to control and reduce anxiety. 

However ERP may be considered innapropriate. 

  • Prolonged exposure combined with response prevention creates high levels of anxiety, this leads to high dropn out rates. 
  • It is unethical for therapists tp create high levels of anxiety. Patients do give informed consent, but they may underestimate how unpleasant the situation might be. 
  • ERP focuses more on compulsions, so it may be less effective for those whose symptoms consist mainly on obessessions. 
  • Success depends on willingness of the patients. 
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