The American Desert

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What is a desert?

  • A desert is a plain of sand going on for a vast long area.
  • Dry land
  • Uninhabitable as no-one else is there
  • Sparse vegetation
  • meagre rainfall


Hot, dry, sandy, vast, lonely, uninhabitable, humid, deadly, barren, lifeless, empty, bleak.

Why do so few people live there?

  • It seems uninhabitable, no-one there, nothing to see or build.
  • The range of temperatures during day and night, extreme weather conditions
  • Adapt to the climats, little water, food
  • Limited resources
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Scarcity of water

Scarcity of wood and water might be an obstacle to settlement because they will have no way to provide shelter for themselves, or be able to drink. Fertile land are also only occasionally found so they can't rely on finding any land to farm.


The travellers might call the great plains a desert because to them that is what it looks like, they can only see the problems such as no water,food,trees and they couldn't see any of the farming potential.


Hunters would live on the plains easier because they can adapt to the harsh weather conditions and have places to go during the summer and winter when the waether is extreme. There is also more oppurtunities to hunt animals than there would be for travellers to farm food.

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