The Alps - Fold Mountian

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  • Central Europe - France, Italy, Swiitzerland and Autria
  • Created 30 million years ago by African and Eurasian plates.
  • 12 million people.
  • Tallest point Mont Blanc at 4810m
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Uses of the Alps


  • Goat farming in steep hills as they are well adapted. provide milk, cheese and meat
  • Sunnier slopes are terraced and used to for vineyards. (Lauex, Switzerland)

Hyro - Electric Power (HEP)

  • Narrow valleys are dammed to generate HEP
  • Switzerland get 60% of electricty from HEP in Alps


  • 100 million toursit each year. 70% for winter sports. Other 30% come for scenary and walking.
  • new villages and tourist sites set up like Chamonix, and ski lifts and cable cars located everywhere.


  • Silver, iron, gold, salt, copper are minned but declided due to cheaper sources


  • Scots pine planted as it is more resilient to muching goats and these are sold to make furniutre.
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Adapted conditions

Steep Relief:

  • Goats farmed on steep slopes as they are adapted
  • Trees and fences and avalache shed buit to break up avalanche

Poor Soil:

  • Animals grazed in areas with poor soil


  • Roads built over passes such as Brenner Pass, but can become blocked by snow.
  • Tunnels cut through mountian eg Lotsberg Base Tunnel.
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