The Alliance System 1900

How the allaince system developed up to 1914

The role of Germany in creating tension in Europe

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Alliance System 1900

Key Facts

After defeating France in a war Germans knew the French would want revenge so the leader Bismarck wanted to prevent this by making agreements with other countries so France would have no allies with which to fight Germany in the future.

  • Triple Alliance 1882 Formal military alliance in which Austria-Hungary, Italy and Germany agreed to help each other in time of war.
  • Dual Entente-1894- France and Russia signed an understanding as both knew they would need an ally against threatening Triple Alliance
  • Entente Cordiale 1904 between Britain and France that they would not quarrel over colonies so would appear strong against Germany-important stepin ringing the countries closer together later on.
  • Triple Entente-understanding not to quarrel rather than formal military alliance. To protect themselves against growing power of Germany and other Great Powers.
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Key Features of Alliance System in 1900

1. One feature is that what provoked the alliance system to strat was that Germany after defetaing France in a war wanted to prevent a revenge attack from France so wanted to make agreements with other countries, isolating France with no allies with which to fight Germany in the future.

2. This caused Germany to sign the Triple Entente with Italy and Austria-Hingary and another agreement with Russia and because Britain had no interest in war meant that France was successfully isolated.

3. However, failure to renew the agreement with Russia meant they signed an alliance with France, the Dual Entente which developed into the Triple Entente in 1907 as Britain joined as well. This resulted in the division of  Europe into two rival powerful groups.

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Key features of the Triple Alliance

1. The reason the Triple Alliance started was because in the ninteenth century Germany had defeated France in a war and so wanted to prevent a revenge attack. This meant it needed strong allies so France would not start a war because they would be isolated with no allies.

2. This is why Germany signed the Triple Alliance with Italy and Austria-Hungary this was a formal military alliance so Austria and Italy would support Germany in time of war.

3. An alliance with Russia as well (before Kaiser Wilhelm came to the throne) meant that France had no possible allies a Britain was not intrested in war. So initially the Triple Alliance had fulfilled what the chancellor intended and removed the risk of France declaring war because with its allies Germany was much more powerful.

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Key features of the Triple Entente

1. One key feature of the Triple Entente is that France wanted to respond to the Triple Alliance as they felt isolated. This meant when the Kaiser failed to renew the agreement with Russia they turned to France for support and both countries signed the Dual Entente 1894 as they knew they would need support against the threat of the Triple Alliance.

2. The British also felt threatened by the increase in German power as they built 6 new battleships challenging British naval supremacy. This led to discussions with the French and they signed the Entente Cordiale 1904 which was a friendly inderstanding so they would not quarrel over colonies and appear strong towards Germany.

3. These two spearate agreements combined in 1907 to form the Triple Alliance which was not a formal military alliance but an understanding that they would not quarrel. This was important as the countries would not be so vulnerable in their rivalry with countries of the Triple Alliance.

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