The after life

The after life
God as a judge (innocent/guilty)
Funeral Service (Mormon, Christian scientists)

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The after Life/Hell

Hell is thought of as a place of weeping, tourture, worse then sadness, infinaate, physicl pain, neverending, hopelessness, suffering. 

Heavan is the complete opposite of Hell. 

Most Christians think you go to hell if you don't believe in God and the sacrefice of Jesus on the cross. 

In Hinduism, they believe when you die you are reborn as another person.

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God as a judge

What makes God a better judge than a human judge? 

  • Omnipitent - all powerful and his decision is final 
  • Forgiving 
  • Sees everything - knows all the facts (Ominscience) 
  • He cannot make mistakes
  • Human judges can be bribed 
  • He makes ultimate choice (If you go to heavan or hell)

However if all have sinned how can anyone have the right to go to heavan? 

No one is perfect so you will all go to hell, you hope to be saved/forgiven.

Salvation; To be saved because of Jesus from eternal punishment in hell. 

Redemption: Having dept paid on your behalf (Jesus dieing on the cross.  

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The funeral Service

For deceased
For living 

What is its purpose? 

  • People who are grieving - way to let go/say goodbye
  • Celebrate life
  • Forgiveness for people left behind
  • Forgiveness for deceased
  • Time to mourn  
  • Spirit passed onto another life

Rite of passage: A ceromony or celebration that marks change in status (e.g. life to death, single to marrige, being baptised) 

Mermon funerals - Dont allow crosses because they think it is a sign of death. They want to be reminded of new life in heaven not loss of life on earth.

Christian Sciencetists - Dont have planned cermony. The dont have funeral at a church but in the decesed persons home. Cermeomy done by friend or family member. 

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The funeral Service Continued

Quotes can be said from the bible over the coffin like 'Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted' (Matthew 5:4) I think these are said becaust they are comforting to the families and friends of the deceased and make them happued knowing their loved ones are safe and that they will be looked after and blessed by God whilst they mourn. 

The prayer of forgiveness is important beccause it allows the decesed a quicker route to heaven and if they believed in Purgatory it would hopefully speed up the time they are in purgatory for. 

Rites: A ceromonial and religous act. Funeral rites are used to commend a soul into the after life. It is a formal part of the cermony e.g. Throwing dust or soil onto the coffin at the burieral. 

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Some christians and Roman Catholics believe in Purgatory. It is an 'inbetween state' for the majority of people waiting for heavan. It is a time to cleanse them of sin and prepare them for heavnan. 

A lot of christians do not believe in Purgatory because it is in a part of the bible they don't believe in and don't read therefore they don't believe it is real. However Roman Catholics do read that part of the bible so do believe in Purgatory

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