The Effects Of Cystic Fibrosis On Body Systems

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The Gas Exchange System

  • Sticky mucus forms in the lungs due to non-functioning CFTR channels.
  • Sticku mucus cannot be cleared by beating celia.
  • The mucus then traps dust and bacteria.
  • Leading to the increase of chance of lung infection due to pathogens in the mucus
  • The mucus blocks airways making gas exchange in the lungs less efficient
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The Digestive System

  • The pancreatic duct becomes blocked by sticky mucus, leading to the relase of digestive enzymes being reduced.
  • The lower concentration of enzymes within the small intestine reduces the rate of digestion,
  • Because of this food is not fully digested in the time it takes to pass through the small instestine.
  • Therefore nutrients cannot be absorbed.
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The Reproductive System

  • In females, sticky mucus collects in the cervix, leading to mucus plug developing.
  • Sperm cannot penetrate the mucus so the chance of contraception is reduced.
  • Males often lack sperm ducts or if present they become particulary blocked by mucus.
  • Leading to a reduction in the number of sperm present in each ejaculate.
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