The Aenied (Unfinished)


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Background information

Fall of Troy;

  • Before the start of the Aenied there was a war between Troy and Greece, which has been told in Homers 'Illiad'. (
  • This war was fueled by Paris stealing Helen from Menelaus. Agememnon had wanted a reason to go to war with Troy, and used this as their reason to fight.
  • The war seemed to be going nowhere for a long time.
  • Then one morning the Greeks seemed to have fled and left a wooden horse behind as an offering to Posieden. A Greek who was left behind tells the Trojens about this offering.
  • The horse is actualy a trick, desgined by Odysseus to defeat the Trojens, there are two versions of how this happened.
  • 1. The Greeks were hidden inside and led into Troy where they jumped out during the night and killed everyone, burning Troy as they went.
  • 2. The Greeks were not hidden inside, but the horse was so big the Trojens had to knock downt heir walls to get it inside, so their defences were open and the Greeks flooded in.
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More background information

Juno's hatred for Aeneas;

  • A prophecy says that one day Juno' favourite city, Carthage, will be destroyed by a race desencded from the Trojens.
  • She also holds a permanent grudge against the Trojens when Venus was chosen over her in a divine beauty contest by Paris. (

Augustus Ceaser;

  • Augustus (Born Gaius Octavius Thurinus) was adopted by his uncle Julius Ceaser. In 27BC the senate awarded him the honorific Augustus (The Revered one) and so he was called Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus.
  • Because of the various names he had he was more commonly known as Octavius, when referring to events between
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