The 6 Major Features Of Science

the 6 points a science must have to be classed as a science.

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The 6 features




Theory construction



(Remember it as COPTER if it helps)

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Scientist try to predict and control event/things in our world, the only way to do this is through experiments. They manipulate the IV (independant variable) and measure the DV (dependant variable). To ensure it's a fair test, all other conditions must be kept the same.

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Popper argued all scientist must be truthful in their objectives and finds and not biased towards their opinions or beliefs, when testing the hypothesis

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Kuhn argues all scientists should have one dominant paradigm (belief/theory) within that field, that most of the scientist follow. For example, some argue psycology isn't a science as there are several theories for various mental illnesses, other argue that the human mind is very complex, so this justifies the several theories.

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Theory Construction

Facts are used to construct theories to help us understand and predict phenomenas around us. Popper argues that scientific theories can produce various testable hypothesis that are falsifiable, pseudo (fake) scientific theories are unable to do so.

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The scientific belief that knowledge is gained by measures data gathered by the human senses, not by unfound beliefs.

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Experiments should be repeated to find out if the results are true, it should be possible to have the same findings over and over.

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