The 1987 Storm

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Background Facts

  • It was the worst storm for 300 years
  • It had gails of over 100mph
  • It killed 13 people and injured 100's more
  • It wrecked thousands of houses
  • 7 died under trees
  • 3 died under buildings
  • Power lines were cut
  • Trains stopped
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Weather Information

  • It formed in the Bay of Biscay
  • Depression winds arrived about midnight
  • By 3am storms were in London and the South-East
  • By 6am they were in the Midlands
  • They left at about 8am
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Hampshire and Dorset

  • In Hampshire every major road was closed
  • 2 firemen died racing to an accident
  • 90 evacuated from a nursing home
  • Shanklin Pier was destroyed
  • Boats were dumped all across the coastline
  • In Brighton a minerat fell through the roof
  • Aircraft turned upside down
  • Gusts of wind at 108mph
  • People without power for 3 days
  • Flooding
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South East (Kent)

  • A big boat sank which left two people dead
  • A cruiseliner washed up on the beach
  • A chimney fell through 3 floors of a hotel
  • Tree fell through house and killed a woman
  • 20 families lost their homes
  • Damage estimated at millions
  • Floods
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  • London blacked out
  • Share dealings stopped
  • Only a few banks opened
  • Millions have no electricity
  • 94mph winds recorded
  • Tower blocks evacuated
  • Someone got killed by a falling wall
  • No trains
  • Stock exchange closed
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East Anglia

  • 90mph gusts of wind
  • North sea oil rig almost hit by a large ship
  • Many ships were grounded in the Thames estuary
  • Hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage
  • Many people lost their homes
  • Force 11 gail
  • Power cables came down
  • 20,000 people had no power
  • Everyone was helping to clear blocked roads to open them
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