The Welfare State

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What is Welfare State?

The term 'Welfare State' is the name for the provisions the British government has provided for their citizens. 

In the 1930s unemployment was at nearly 30% and in 1932 unemployment was at 3.5 million increasing heavily. 

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Where is Welfare available?

Although a lot of the welfare we think of is provided by the state/government, there are other areas where welfare can be provided. These areas are: public/state welfare, private welfare, informal welfare and voluntary sector. This is called welfare pluralism. 

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Public/State Welfare

Services are provided and funded by the state designed to solve the social problems of society. The idea is that peopel would pay into National Insurance and taxes to fund the welfare. Some examples are the NHS and family allowances. 

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Private Welfare

Services are run by companies for profit, which are alternatives to state services. these are not state-funded but must follow the same state regulations. The individual pays for these services themselves. Some examples are private dentists and private doctors. 

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Informal Welfare

These services are provided by friends and family. This type of service is usually provided when there isn't enough state provision or on top of state services. There is little or no state funding or regulations. Some examples are home care, family care, friends paying medical costs, kids looking after you at home. 

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Voluntary Sector

Services are provided by charities. Often extra facilities and services beyond what the state provides. These services might get some state funding. The individual recieves these services for free or at a subsided lower cost. 

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