The Thunder of the Left

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Father Coughlin (Radio Priest)

On average he had 35m listeners to his radio show, 'The Golden Hour of the Little Flower'

Originally pro Roosevelt and the New Deal, describing it as 'Christ's Deal'

After time he started to believe Roosevelt was under the control of the banks, who were under the control of Jews (antisematic)

Set up 'National Union for Social Justice' called for the nationalisation of the banks

Became a Nazi and became unpopular

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Francis Townsend (Doctor)

He came up with the idea of the Old Age Revolving Plan

Within this everyone retired at the age of 60, and would recieve $200 a month. This money the ywould then have to spend within 30 days.

The bill went to Congress and it had 20m signitures

Congress rejected it, as it cost half the GNP of America, meaning it was expensive. There was also no way of knowing whether people would actually spend it

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Huey 'Kingfish' Long

Senator of Louisiana

Demagogue- someone who wields signifcant power

His plan was 'share of wealth'

If you had more than $3 million in the bank the exess would be taken. Also stated you could not earn more than $1.8 million a year

This was hoped to give every American $5000 to enable them to buy a car, radio and telephone

The policy of share our wealth was extremely popular with 27,000 chapters, totalling 8 million people

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Huey 'Kingfish' Long 2

There was significant opposition on the left to the new deal, with talk of Huey Long being the next president and the Thunder of the left having its own candidate

Huey Long wrote a book called 'My first few days in the White House'

He did not make it to the next presidential election as he was shot.

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