The theme of Love in Wuthering Heights and A Thousand Splendid Suns


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The Influential Power of love

Love is an influential force which brings out the extremes of characters in several different ways mainly self destructive. It is shown to have emotional & physical consequences & leads to characters transgressing the societal boundary./physical 

1. Mariam transgresses a physical/societal boundary to see Jalil, consequence: her mother commits suicide and she is married off to Rasheed (source of marital entrapment). Power of love influences her to meet him leaving the kolba which she never did before. Isabella & Heathcliff she transgresses a boundary by running away with him as well. Both women see their own home which is a safe place as an entrapment; however, run into real trap.

2. Laila & Aziza's love leads to sel destruction due to societal boundaries. Heathcliff & Cathy, she doesn't follow feelings sacrificing her own feelings due to society, becoming ill & suffers does not comply to Romantic love rather Classical form/ societies norms ( maybe even love to material thing). (H is influenced to become vengeful which has consequence not only for themselves, but also next generation. Transgression of boundaries.) 

Love makes especially women make poor decisions, due to infatuation ( no rational thinking). Therefore vulnerable in some cases leads to death, in other bad life with violence, mentally unstable, emotional abuse and detachment from outside world/society. UNHAPPINESS

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