The Tempest Quotes

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"a cherubin  ... that did preserve me" - about Miranda

"made thee more profit than other princes can" - about Miranda

"of a better nature ... than he appears by speech"

"composed of harshness"

"the rarer action is / in virtue  than in vengeance"

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"I have suffered / With those that I saw suffer"

"I'll bear your logs the while"

"There's nothing ill can dwell in such a temple" - about Ferdinand

"I am your wife if you will marry me" - to Ferdinand

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"To answer thy best pleasure"

"I have done thee worthy service"

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"And then I loved thee / And showed thee al the qualities o'th'isle"

"The red plague rid you"

"is a strange thing as e'er I looked on"

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"next thyself, / Of all the world I loved"

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"Prithee, no more. Thou dost talk nothing to me"

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"Where should this music be? I'th'air, or th'earth?"

"Am I this patient log-man"

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"You bawling, blasphemous, incharitable dog" - To Boatswain

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"weigh, / Our sorrow with our comfort"

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Stephano and Trinculo

"singing with a bottle" - Stephano

"I will kiss thy foot. I prithee be my god" - Caliban

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Political Power

"Being once perfected how to grant suits" - Prospero about Antonio

"What a sleep were this for your advacement" - Antonio convincing Sebastian to kill Alonso

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Revenge and forgiveness

"I invite your Highness and your train / To my poor cell" - Prospero to Alonso

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"But this rough magic / I here abdure"

"my dearest father, you have / Put the wild waters in this roar" - Miranda to Prospero

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Freedom and Servitude

"Then to the elements / Be free, and fare thou well"

"Come away, servant, come!"

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Learning and Education

"transported / And rapt in secret studies"

"Took pains to make thee speak"

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Theatre and Spectacle

"A living drollery"

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