The Skeletal System

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Functions of the Skeleton

Shape and Support- The Skeleton provides a framework that gives the body support and shape. Eg. The vertebrae supports the weight of the upper body and holds it upright when taking part in sport

Protection- The skeleton keeps the inernal organs safe from damage. Eg. The cranium protects a footballer's brain when heading a ball

Production of Blood- Large bones contain marrow which produce red blood cells. These red blood cells carry oxygen to the working muscles and remove carbon dioxide. Eg. A cyclist exercising aerobically needs oxygen to travel to his working muscles.

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Functions of the Skeleton

Mineral Storage- Minerals such as calcium are stored in the bones and slowly released into the blood. Eg. Calcium is essential to keep our bones strong. Something that is essential for a rugby player

Posture- The skeleton keeps us from slumping to the floor by giving us the correct shape

Movement- Bones provide areas for the muscles to attach on to and form lever systems. Eg. The biceps attach to the upper and lower arm, creating movement at the elbow for a bicep curl

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