The Second Civil War and Regicide, 1648-49


The Putney Debates

In October 1647, the Leveller influenced soldiers offered their own proposals in the Case of the Army Truly Stated, which was drawn up into a potential settlement as An Agreement of the People, and present to the Army General Council. Agigtators and senior officers met in Putney.

  • spokesman for the radicals was Colonel Thomas Rainborough. Demanded complete religious freedom and universal male suffrage.
  • Ireton said voters must be men of property.
  • Cromwell focused on maintaining a level of civility.
  • First talk of regicide.
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The Engagement and the role of the Scots

  • Charles escapes army custody.
  • The Corkbush Field Mutiny- Cromwell quickly suppressed the radicals.
  • The Engagement. Alliance between Charles and the Scots.
  • Charles rejects the Four Bills from Parliament.
  • Vote of No Addresses, 1648No more negotiations with Charles.
  • Second Civil War beigns. 1648.
  • Windsor Prayer Meeting. Charles declared a 'man of blood'. 
  • Charles is easily defeated.
  • Negotiations at Newport. Parliament try one last round of negotiations.
  • Pride's Purge. Army takes control of parliament by force, and establishes the 'Rump' Parliament.
  • 1649. Trial and execution of Charles.
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