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  • "Make a slave of his sister"
  • "Let him consider my youth, beauty and fortune"
  • "Be not so wild"
  • "I'll tempt him farther" and "bills of exchange may sometimes miscarry"
  • "as you're a gentleman -" and "Help! Oh, I am ruined"
  • "I do conjure you, touch him not"
  • "You may force me to the altar, but not the holy man that offers there shall force me to be thine."
  • "We're happily escaped, and yet I tre,ble still"
  • "Will no kind power protect me from his tyranny?"
  • "You seem a gentleman"
  • "Maid of quality"
  • "Masked"
  • "Good heaven, defend me from discovery"
  • "She's in Fred's custody"
  • "Little or no possibility of gaining her"
  • "Damned virtuous woman"
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  • "Dear disobedience"
  • "You are not designed for the conversation of lovers"
  • "We'll outwit twenty brothers"
  • "Wildcat" and "This girl is mad"
  • "Be mad as the rest, and take all innocent freedoms"
  • "Is there no difference between leave to love me, and leve to lie with me"
  • "I shall have my beauty praised, my wit admired"
  • "We are both of one humour: I am as inconstant as you"
  • "[business] to cozen as many maids as will trust you, and I as many men as have faith"
  • "He seems to court her to pull off her vizard, she refuses"
  • "Kneel, and swear." and "Kiss the book."
  • "What a wicked creature am I, to damn a proper fellow"
  • "She stays me out of spite"
  • "Thou hast one virtue I adore, good nature"
  • "The business is soon done"
  • "I adore thy humour and will marry thee, and we are so of one humour, it must ba a bargain"
  • "You cannot keep from me"
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  • "I'm no tame sigher, but a rampant lion of the forest"
  • "You have horrible loving eyes"
  • "I'm a very honest fellow", "my inconstant"
  • "I cannot get her out of my head" and "she has played with my heart"
  • "Thou hast a power too strong to be resisted", "appear a gentleman", "pined and languished at your feet"
  • "Fine, wild, inconstant fellow", "Tis a mad fellow for a wench"
  • "I'm as honest a fellow as breathes, though I'm a little disguised at present"
  • "How many believing fools hast thou undone?"
  • "I adore thy humour and will marry thee, for we are so of one humour, it must be a bargain"
  • "I am called Robert the constant" ("an inconstant English heart" initially)
  • "Wit enough to make an intrigue of love"
  • ""You appear a gentleman"
  • "My feigned contempt" and "All thou say'st is false:
  • "Soothed into belief, and then be used at pleasure" and "I can only be vanquished, made a slave"
  • "There's nothing left to raise a new desire in me"
  • "I had quite forgot her else" and "drunk her quite down"
  • "Seemingly courting Hellena"and "He seems to court her to pull off her vizard: she refuses"
  • "Hark'ee, friend of mine, are you my rival?"
  • "Charms in every word, that failed not to surprise, to wound and conquer"
  • "He won her unresisting tender heart" and "cunning flatterer"
  • "Lying lover's look" and "thy shameful conquest"
  • "Nothing makes a woman so vain as being flattered"
  • "My pretty gipsy"
  • "I admire thee strangely" and "I must, like cheerful birds, sing in all groves"
  • "Rover's trick"
  • "You have not forgot how severely you have used me?"
  • "I admire thy love and courage" (changed)
  • "'Tis a mad fellow for a wench"
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  • "Belvile has no fortune to bring you to; banished his country, despised at home, and pitied abroad"
  • "Whatever extravagances we commit in these faces, our own may not be obliged to answer 'em"
  • "Why am I chose out of all mankind to be the object of your bounty?", "You tempt me strangely, madam", "a thousand charms besides [beauty/wit]" and "I'm mad"
  • "Curse upon the star that cursed my birth, or whatsoever other influence that makes me still so wretched!"
  • "Do not mistake my charity for murder!"
  • "Death and confusion!" and "Thou deceitful light"
  • "[Belvile] draws [Florinda] aside"
  • "Hell and confusion seize thee!"
  • "Divine Florinda, to whom I'm such a slave: to purchase her"
  • "[Aside] Yet if I hinder 'em I shall discover all"
  • "I have interest enough in that lovely virgin's heart"
  • "He'a cormorant at whore and bacon"
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Don Pedro

  • "You must consider Don Vincentio's fortune, and the jointure he'll make you"
  • "Where she may walk and gather flowers"
  • "Lock her up all of this carnival"
  • "All this soft and sweet, with a certain languishing air, that no artist can represent"
  • "Florinda scorned! And all my hopes defeated, of the posession of Angellica!"
  • "Dare you meet me tomorrow?"
  • "We will come thus disguised, that whosoever chance to get the better, he may escape unknown"
  • "Masquerading! A lewd custom to debauch our youth. [Aside] There's something more in this than I imagine."
  • "You've the advantage than me in Angellica"
  • "Dishonourable girl, she has undone my aim"
  • "There's no avoiding him"
  • "I now approver her choice"
  • "[Don Pedro] gives [Hellena] to [Willmore]"
  • "I shall now be free from fears of her honour; guard it you now, if you can; I have been a slave to't long enough"
  • "Thou deceived me too, deceived thyself and heaven"
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  • "Dost think such creatures are to be bought?"
  • "She's damnably in love with me"
  • "Mercenary, prodigal whores"
  • "I am a dull believing English country fop" and "I have been an ***, a deluded fool"
  • "When did you ever hear of an honest woman that took a man's money?"
  • "They can roast or boil a woman"
  • "Y'are all fools"
  • "'Tis ours by conquest"
  • "My lucky bargain" and "Fortune is pleased to smile on us, gentlemen"
  • "I had but some fine things to say to her, such as lovers use", "I need no other light, but that of thine eyes!" and "I'm enchanted!"
  • "I'm an honest gentleman, and thy humble servant"
  • "Pain of a longing lover"
  • "Ha, betrayed!"
  • "Y'are all as arrant cullies"
  • "What a dog was I to believe in woman!"
  • "Oh, how I'll use all womankind hereafter!"
  • "What wretched thing art thou, ha?"
  • "Come, no resistance"
  • "I have ta'en deliberated malice to thee, and will be revenged on one whore for the sins of another"
  • "A generation of damned hypocrites!"
  • "This has another pretence"
  • "I am resolved to make up my loss here on thy body"
  • "There's no resisting your destiny, sweetheart"
  • "- I am - at my - devotion"
  • "Why so peevish, good Ned?"
  • "I have got into my posession a female"
  • "Doubtless comitted a **** upon me"
  • "I have a pardon to beg too"
  • "No other punishment for me, but the mode of a nation I abominate"
  • "I am your humble servant"
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  • "Bear witness, colonel, 'tis a bargain"
  • "I should obey your kind commands"
  • "Ned and I have the propriety of her"
  • "You are safe whilst in my hands"
  • "I begin to suspect something" and "Trussed up for a **** upon a maid of quality, when we only believe we ruffle a harlot"
  • "I'm ready to serve you in matters of revenge that has a double pleasure in't"
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Angellica Biaanca

  • "I have had no time for love", "A kind, but sullen star unwe which I had the happiness to be born"
  • "He that wishes but to buy gives me more pride, than he that gives my price can make my pleasure"
  • "I find you cannot credit me"
  • "I paid him: a heart entire"
  • "My richest treasure being lost, my honour"
  • "I command you"
  • "I shall undo him", "I shall be revenged"
  • "Use me so inhumanly"
  • "Thou'dst talk away all that is brave about me"
  • "I was a slave", "thought all men were born my slaves"
  • "Worn my power like lightning in my eyes", "When love held the mirror, the undeceiving glass reflected all the wekness of my soul"
  • "She follows him with the pistol, ready to shoot"
  • "I give thee life", "Live to undo someone whose soul may prove so bravely constant to revenge my love"
  • "of the posession of Angellica"
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  • "A woman with any wit may flatter 'em into any sort of fool she pleases"
  • "Good-natured loving people" (about English)
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