The Round Table Conferences

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The First RTC (November 1930)

- request to attend denied by Gandhi. 

- only Indian princes, British reps and Indian Viceroy nominees attended, no Hindus or big bois like Gandhi, Nehru or Jinnah. Due to this the conference didn't achieve much, only that the Princely states and British India should be linked as one nation. Didn't further nationalist ends. 

- to prevent Gandhi becoming a martyr when imprisoned, Irwin released him and formed the Gandhi-Irwin pact - Gandhi's attendence at second RTC was guaranteed. Gandhi's release not recieved well in Britain, who saw it as Gandhi being rewarded for creating disorder. 

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The Second RTC (September 1931)

- Gandhi claimed to represent a united India, and ended up annoying everyone in the process. 

- Untouchables angered as Gandhi claimed they were not worthy of a separate electorate. 

- Jinnah and Gandhi could not reach a compromise, all of Jinnah's ideas rejected. 

- all in all, the conference was a mess - and ended up creating greater divisions in India. 

- during his time in London for the RTC's, Gandhi made an effort to visit the working class of Britain, an attempt to get them on side and create support for the Indian Nationalist Movement from within Britain itself. 

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The Third RTC (November-December 1932)

- like first RTC, noone of real importance attended. No members of INC or Labour party in attendance. 

- was only held because Britain had agreed to hold three conferences. 

- nothing at all was resolved, led to the scrapping of RTC's as a means of diplomatic transference of power. 

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