The Right To Life

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ABORTION- Christian Views

Most Christians believe that the mother should be supported instead of killing the child, they have charities which offer financial and physical support.

Most Christians believe in the SACTITY  OF LIFE (see the first card)

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Abortion is Legal in the UK as long as:

  • 2 Doctors agree
  • The baby is too young to live outside the womb
  • Pregnancy/baby will have a negative affect on the mother
  • Prevents harm of any sort of harm to the mother
  • High risk of disabilities to the child
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ABORTION-What is it?

Abortion is the DELIBERATE death of a embryo or foetus.

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Sanctity Of Life

Sanctity Of Life-Life is sacred because its GOD-given.


  • You are made in GOD's image this means you should respect yourself.
  • Life is a gift from GOD.


'You shall not murder'

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  • Adoption may cause a cosiderable amount of upset for the parent.
  • The baby could be causing heath issues for the parent.
  • If there is a chance the baby could suffer furthur with being paralysed. Is it fair to inflict that on them?
  • Abortion offers a safe alternative without this women may put themselves at risk by doing it themself.
  • Teenage mothers may wreck their future.
  • ****? Should a woman have to bring up their attackers child?
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ABORTION- Against.

  • Life begins at conception to kill a human is MURDER. Its illegal to kill.
  • Adoption? There are many famillies desiring a child.
  • Abortion is not a form of contraception.
  • Can cause mental or physical pain to the woman.
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This is the right that the woman should be able to choose what happens to her body.


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No human should be killed, It is NEVER justified.

Life-> Live

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When does life begin argument

Day 1- Fertilisation, the egg is fertilised.

Day 6- Implantation of the embryo in the uterus.

Day 14- Primitive streak is noticed (forerunner spine to brain)

3 weeks- Heart beat starts

8 weeks-Kicking begins and baby may be able to feel pain.

9 weeks-Head movement.

11 weeks- Main body systems work, yawning, grasping,feeling and smelling.

20 weeks-Reconises mothers voice.

21-13 weeks- Very few can survive outside the mother.

24 weeks- 50% of babies survive, Abortion is now illegal.

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Euthanasia- What is it?

Inducing a painless death to someone who is suffering.

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Euthanasia-Passive and Active

Passive Euthanasia- Allowing a brain-dead people to die by withdrawing food and water.

Active Euthanasia- Doing something which will end the life of the person, ie a injection.

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Voluntary Euthanasia

The person who is terminally ill or has a bad quality of life asks to die, they want to die.

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