The Return of Warwick and Clarence

The return of Warwick and Clarence

After the Angers Agreement (the agreement for Warwick to invade England and restore Henry VI) everything went well, at first:

  • In September 1470, Warwick returned to England with French support. 
  • HIs brother John Neville, Marquess Montagu finally turned on Edward IV.
  • In October, Edward was forced into exile. 
  • As a result, Henry VI returned to the throne which was the beginning of his brief 'readeption' government. 
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Other motives for rebellion

The other motives for the rebellion includes:

  • In 1468, Edward IV was much weaker, which caused Warwick to fear that he was in real danger, if there was a Lancastrian or French invasion. 
  • Therefore, his first rebellion resulted from not mere ambtiion, but a need for self defence and a wish to create a stronger regime that would make a better fist of government.
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New problems faced by Henry VI whilst on the thron

The new regime under Henry VI had weaknesses from the start:

  • Warwick needed to reconcile the Yorkist establishment, which had survived Edward IV's fall intact, with returning Lancastrians expecting their lands and titles to be returned. 
  • Henry VI was an unimpressive figurehead and the young Prince edward, remained in France for far too long.
    • He might have been a good figurehead. 
  • Edward refused to accept his exile.
  • In the spring of 1471, Edward IV landed on the Yorkshire coast.
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