The Psychological effects on students due to the educational system- Questions


Question One

What should we do to change the educational system?

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Question Two

What can students do to change the government?

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Question Three

You talk about stress a lot but how can students relieve stress?

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Answer One

Personally, I think that the only homework should be to revise rather than have extra work, this is just for KS4 though because there's little need to revise in KS3 but if you give a student extra work it really limits their time on doing the things that they enjoy and causes you to have to do extra work at home when revising your weaker subjects could be more important.

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Answer Two

We need to speak out, if there's something that's really troubling you then speak to somebody, we all can speak to our local MP, they're then able to try to help us by trying to change the system but unless we speak out, then that will never happen. Also, we could start things like petitions, we can have a petition to have revision sessions with teachers and then give this petition to somebody who has authority like a teacher or headteacher.

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Answer Three

Students should find an escape if there's something that's causing stress doing something that can distract you from this can be the best thing that you could possibly do, whether it be sports or music as long as it can take your mind off of what is making you stressed then it can help. Furthermore, if the amount of work that you can hold becomes too much then speak to your teacher, all teachers acknowledge the amount of work that you have to do and just saying that it is too much can really help because it can stop you from having to do more than you can handle.

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