The psychological effects on students due to the educational system


Part 1


I'm going to say that word very frequently, this is because it is the perfect very to describe the students of today.

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Part 2

Many of us forget that these magnifecient people are the people of our future.

Well if this is how we are being treated, students and teacher alike, then our humanity and its future doesn't look very bright.

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Part 3

I'm not used to speaking to lots of people so please take it into consideration if it seem like i'm finding it difficult to speak but I will try my very best to portray my message to its best poitental.

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Part 4

The government has made a crime, what do you think of this statement?

Well, if you disagree then I would like to change your mind.

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Part 5

The creation of today's school system is one of the biggest cases of criminality that anyone could possibly make.

The defination of school is 'a place where children are educated' and the defination of education is 'the process of aquiring knowledge and understanding' but the main thing that all children learn in their knowledge and understanding is that the place where children are educated is a playground of disease rather than a place of growth and development.

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Part 6

With test spreading symptoms like anxiety.

Homework spreading sympotoms like stress. All of this because of the governments portrayal on the school system and how they want us to behave, emotionless and introverted.

So I ask you again, the government has made a crime, what do you think of this statement?

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Part 7


Firstly, I would like us to talk about stress.

How many of you have got stressed before; how many of you will get stressed?

Well, over half of you should be saying yes because its been researched that 90% of students have problems dealing with stress.

That means that 90% of you have a higher risk of getting anxiety.

Furthermore, the more stressed that you are, the less capable you becaome at learning and improving, this then creates a constant unbreakable circle that many of students find tremendously difficult to get out and then they becaome demoralised.

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Part 8

Seondly, I would like to talk about the target grade system

Your GCSEs are predicted for you when you were ten.

Yes, when students have Key Stage two tests the were taken and used in order for secondary schools to tell if you are going to get a grade nine or a grade one.

The school system determines if you are a 'smart kid' six years before you are meant to take your exams, children who are willing to work three or four times harder in order to get the slightest chance at becoming a 'smart' will never get that option to fufil their parents aspiration, their teachers aspiration but most of all their own aspirations.

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Part 9

Furthermore, the kids that did do well have a tremendous amount of pressure in order to keep up with their targets and if they're unable then they become disheartened and uncapable to stay on top of their impossible task to achieve their expected target grades.

Psychologically, this breaks all children in these categories whether if they are a smart kid or not and then they become demoralised.

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Part 10


I would like to talk about Ofsted.

In 2017, they stated that the school system was a, 'mug's game' and,'should be avoided'.

Two years later, nothing has changed.

This is the exact reason as to why the rates for anxiety and un-happieness are increasing when it should be decreasing.

With all the knowledge that us as humans are gaining, it is pivotal to know what these 90% of students have to endure.

Yet, we still haven't made a difference.

I would just like to finish by asking two questions.

How long will it take before society destroys itself and when are we gong to make a difference?

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Part 11

Thank you very much for listening.

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