The Problem of Evil and Suffering

Does God exist?

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God is...


The belief that God is all loving and good

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God is...


The belief that God is all powerful

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God is...


The belief that God knows everything that has happened and everything that is going to happen. That God is all-knowing

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Moral Evil

Moral Evil is the actions performed by humans that cause suffering.

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Natural Evil

Natural Evil are things that cause suffering but are not related to human actions.

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Athiest Arguments- Evil and Suffering

If God is omni-benevolent, then he would love all people and animals. So why would he let Evil and Suffering happen? As he is omnipotent, he has the power to stop suffering, so why does it still exist? Furthermore, if he is omniscient he knows waht suffering is to come, but allows it anyhow. 

This means that either

  • God is cruel and not what he is believed to be, so should he be worshipped?
  • God doesn't exsist.

God and Evil/Suffering cannot co-exsist. 

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Thiest Arguments -Evil and Suffering

Thiest arguments as to how God and Evil co-exist:

  • Suffering can help people become a better person. Is it a test from God? Is this part of his Divine Plan?
  • God has given us Free Will. Evil and Suffering exist as a result of human actions. How does this explain Natural Evil?
  • The Example of Jesus- work together to face it, become loving like Jesus.
  • Work of the Devil. God is omnipotent though?
  • Original Sin. Punishment from God for us turning our backs on him. This conflicts with the idea that he gave us Free Will.

Green =  contradictions

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